More sun, less trees.

Im annoyed with myself because I have just done so poorly at keeping up the blog lately! but I’m going to try to do what I can here, as I keep finding photos and thinking “Crap, never posted that”.


A couple months ago we rented a tree lift. This is I believe the second year we have done this. As all of you know we have a massive amount of trees on our property and they do need tending to. When we first moved in we both loved all the shade but as time goes on we really have grown with the idea of having more sun in the yard. We are going to leave the trees full over our roof as those provide a wonderful air conditioning system in the summer.

We had a lot of ground to cover this year. We started with clearing the area the goats had cleaned out. With all the brush gone we were able to get to a lot of trees that were dead and many that were already down. Now it has started to take shape of a yard.


The difference on this part of the property is just insane. For reference, here is a before photo:

image (1)image

I really cant even tell what Im looking at in those photos, it was so overgrown. It really is such a massive change! We really have worked out butts off on the property this summer and it shows. Coming home to things to cleaned up and looking good is a very accomplishing feeling. Feels good to know you did it yourself!

Once the front was cleared out we moved to the trees around the driveway and the island. A lot of the trees were dead and needed to be removed. A lot of the trees had limbs that were overgrown and needed to be cut back. So cut back they were!

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It took my husband and two of his friends to really take on the project. They spend about 8 hours removing limbs. It takes so long not only to cut the limbs but to move the tree lift itself. Then once the limbs were cut you had to haul that to a center point to be cut up later. Quite the process!

By the end of day two (we had it for a weekend) we had removed a massive amount of trees and limbs and our yard resembled a place a tornado had just torn through.


It took my husband and I more than a couple hours to chainsaw through the branches and move the brush to a center location. To this day we are still moving piles. That being said our yard now is more open and allows forΒ  more sun and I love it! We have such a great outdoor space here that we enjoy using in the warmer months and we’re excited to have more sunshine while using it.

I’ll take a better photo of the property as a whole once we clear more!

There were a couple areas we couldn’t get to because the lift simply couldn’t be moved there. There is a large tree behind the well house that is leaning a bit too much. Its a beautiful tree but is covered in vines and will probably need to come down. We will get the lift next year and do another sweep, taking down that tree and some other areas behind the garage that have fallen.


Its good to know the really big trees and branches have been taken care of. Next year will probably be easier in terms of clearing as we simply wont have as much. As for now, if anyone needs firewood COME AND GET IT. We have plenty.