The grass IS greener

Its been a month. & we couldn’t be happier with how the grass has filled in.




There are a few stubborn spots but we are determined for it all to fill in eventually. We are just so thrilled to even has as much growth as we do. Water every single day and cross your fingers. Seemed to do the trick! Our old driveway has pretty much disappeared.





Absolutely insane right. We have the rocks placed on the road as well as the top of the driveway because believe it or not people were trying to drive on it. So in order to prevent someone from plowing into a new berm or completely destroying the grass we had to put in rocks. Once the grass grew it was a bit more obvious not to drive on it but better safe then sorry for right now.

We will keep letting the area fill in and currently have wildflowers and butterflies popping up everywhere so I am Β one happy girl. Give me my country garden!


We still have the four season as an ongoing project, as well as laying grass in our new “hang out” area between the well house and the house. More on that to come!