We got goats!

We got goats. & Im in love. and I want to keep them forever.


Weeds. Vines. Brush. Trees. EVERYTHING. They eat everything. Thats why we got them. Our friends over atΒ Munchers on HoovesΒ dropped them off yesterday and created a completely fenced in area on a 1/2 acre of our land. It is a spot that needed it the most! The fence is electric but not too much, just enough that the goats are deterred from trying to escape. They are absolutely fascinating to watch and I love having them here.


As you can imagine we created quite a buzz in the neighborhood almost immediately and had friends and neighbors over within minutes. Because goats are great!



So if you are wondering (I was) why some of the goats look like they have no ears – don’t worry! A quick Google search today and I was informed that those goats without floppy ears are a breed of goat called a Lamancha. & as Im sure you can guess, they are known for their curious looking ears, or pinnae. They are also the only breed of dairy goat that was developed in the U.S. – fun fact for your Friday.

These kids (see what I did there) love to climb up stumps and trees. Anything to get some greens! We’re excited to see what they do over the course of 4 days with us.


Stay tuned on Facebook and Instagram for goat updates throughout the weekend!