Oh yeah, driveways gone.

We spent the weekend putting grass seed all over our old driveway. On Friday our dirt guy came over with his bulldozer and built our new burm and front lawn, officially closing off one side of our old driveway.


So strange to come home to a hill where the driveway used to be! There is still gravel visible from the old driveway but over time when the grass grows and weeds take over everything will melt into the landscape.

After the burm was built he then back filled with tons of dirt and leveled out our future front yard, leaving everything primed for whatever we want to do with it.


Again, so strange to have the driveway gone. It looked like a yard! All of a sudden you had a blank canvas. A blank canvas full of dirt but a blank canvas nonetheless. It is very exciting.


So the weekend meant seeding. Lots & lots of seeding. Our method is raking the dirt, seeding, putting a layer of seed protector or hay over the seed and then watering it really well.

We did the burm first, finishing it off with a layer of seed protector. It keeps the seed on the hill and will degrade over time into the landscape. We did the same thing next to the side porch and the hill down to our firepit because when it rains it tends to become a mud slide. All the other areas of seed got hay on top.


What felt like 8 hours later (it was) we had the yard pretty much done. Watered everything down really well and crossed our fingers we dont have too much heavy rain in the next week or so. We want that grass seed to stay put!


The right side of the driveway remains open but will not be driving on it. We are using it to bring the garbage and recycle to the road and letting it become overgrown. I’m going to plant as many self-seeding perennial meadow flowers as I can and hope for the best. Right now its a nice little walking path for the pups!


Another weekend in the books, another project under our belts!