“We need a new chill spot.”

Since we lost our outdoor space with the new four season we have been working on a new space to hang. We decided on the space between our well house and the house. But it needed some work.


Like, a lot of work.

So we cleaned up the sidewalk and removed the mulch that was covering the dirt. We decided to go with grass (more grass!) and to our delight, it grew pretty quickly.


Side note, we hit the jackpot at our local home supply store and found adirondack chairs for – prepare yourself – $25 a piece.


So we bought six between two stores. It was too good to pass up! They came already stained, we just had to put them together which was easy peasy. I mean will they last forever? Probably not. but I think they’re gorgeous and they were exactly what we wanted. We’ve put a poly coat over all of them to weather protect and I cant wait to plop them in the new grass pictured above.

Back to the new space.

Unfortunately there is so much cement being pushed up by one of the nearby trees roots that fixing the entire pad isn’t doable until we remove the tree stump. So we just filled in the holes as best we could. My husband says the motto of our house should be “As good as it gets” lol I think he might be right.


Next up is power washing all the stones and getting everything as clean as we can. We moved our picnic table out and bought a new patio set to put in its place. It was time to have adult seating!!

We also removed one of the big cement pieces to create an area for, you guessed it, more grass. Getting those things moved was a nightmare, I think they were 500 pounds a piece.





Power washing up next. The process is a pain in the butt but the end result is always worth it. Having all the pieces come together is pretty cool. Stay tuned!