Porch progress on a Saturday

The weather wasn’t suitable to be outdoors this weekend so we took full advantage of the inside time to really power through some side projects for the new four season.

First and foremost, our sliding doors and stained and waiting to be installed.


Aren’t they pretty? There are four doors. In the photo one is upside down so its hard to get a feel for what its going to look like (and actually, over breakfast we discussed how we are even going to pull this off) but I promise we will make it work! So that piece of the puzzle is done.

This past week we have been working on readying the bead board for our four season ceiling. The project required individually staining about 75 or so pieces.


This. Took. Forever.

Put one board on the saw horses, wipe it clean. Apply the stain. Rub it in. Fix the imperfections. Make sure there’s no drip or run off. Repeat. 74 times.

The biggest challenge was making sure you had enough warm clothes on to stand in the garage for a couple hours at a time. We also made sure we had enough Lore podcast episodes to prevent complete boredom. It was pretty monotonous work. but someone has to do it!

We ran out of room pretty quickly because each board needed time to dry. So this project was done over the course of a couple days, a few hours at a time.


We were informed we should polyurethane the boards, too. *DIES*

This took a little longer in terms of figuring out the best and most efficient method. It was a matter of painting it on, thick enough to make a difference but not sloppy. It went on a milky color so it was scary to think you might put on too much and have to redo it.


After a few boards we realized we were doing awesome and kept it going as long as we could. Temperatures were cold today so as soon as we ran out of room to dry the boards we stopped.


We probably have about 20 or so more to go and then these babies will be going up on our four season porch ceiling.


I think its going to add some beautiful texture to the room and keep that rustic element we have throughout the house intact.

In true weekend warrior fashion we had time for one more project.


So we primed the new room! She’s now ready to be painted.



We were feeling pretty invincible by this point and thought “why don’t we take down the glass sliders?”. When we couldn’t do that (they’re gigantic and heavy) we popped out the screen instead because, why not. Then we realized we still needed to paint the walls with color and this guy wanted to be ALL UP in the room where we were.


The screen we removed is now a baby gate for the cat. Go figure.


Tomorrow we will finish the poly coats on the bead board and paint the four season. We have decided to paint the room the same color as our living room. 1. we love the color but 2. picking out paint colors that are not only cohesive with the house but look good is a pain in the butt. We figure we like this color and we know how it looks with brick and wood (it looks great!) so boom, problem solved.

Stay tuned!