Side porch: Two weeks later

First and foremost my roses are blooming and I’m so excited:

PicMonkey Collage

Aren’t they gorgeous!? I would love to plant about 534 rose bushes but they would require so much sun that we just don’t have so I will be happy with my current six.

OK onto the big project. The side porch is really taking shape and it is so fun to watch everything come together. The inside still needs insulation, walls and a floor but we’re making progress day by day! These before and after photos give me chills.

The inside still needs insulation, walls, a floor, a roof, electrical and doors but we’re making progress day by day!


I love how it melts right into our house. We went with vinyl siding instead of wood. At one point we were going to replace all of our vinyl siding with wood siding, as we have wood UNDER the vinyl but upon further investigation decided that we just didn’t need to see what was hiding under the old vinyl. So the vinyl will stay, we will keep it clean and lovely and remember all the paint we didn’t have to scrape off the wood.

Also look at how the put in the siding along the pillars.


Could you imagine that kind of patience? How long did that even take! T & I were wondering how they were going to fit everything in and I’m still fascinated how these projects are done.

We also decided instead of a metal roof on the side porch we are doing a shingle roof. Since that tree fell we have to fix that spot anyway so are going to shingle the whole thing and call it good. A metal roof will be placed on the front porch roof which we are really excited about.

The next project will be our “summer hang out spot” which has moved from the side porch to between the well house and house. We are going to set up a pretty cool situation over there so stay tuned! One project at a time.