I still don’t know what to call the new room.

Is it a sunroom, or a four season, or a living room? Or a den? Or a kind-of guest room? I’m still debating its title. I could call it the relaxation station, based on the time Maxx spends in there.

20180414_121923.jpgEither way, its the new room and its become one of my favorite places in the house. Cozy and relaxing (see above for proof).

We have added three of our four barn doors to the space!

I had to panorama that photo because the whole space wouldn’t fit into one photo. So it looks a little wonky but its straight in real life I promise.

It’s so weird to see the photo below and remember that this room was once completely outside. I miss it but I also love what we have done. More room was definitely needed.


We are also getting an ottoman to replace the train cart. I know I know, I love the train cart, too! but its not practical. It cant move (only back & forth), its nearly always in the way and T has hit his shin on it enough times to convince me. We need something moveable, especially once we start opening the side door in this room when the nice weather hits. The cart will not be leaving our home but it will be finding a new home, somewhere else.


Everything is coming together in the house, just in time for Spring. I cant wait to get the windows open and let in fresh air. I cant wait to get outside and start gardening again! I have some big plans this year.