New driveway!

Living on the corner of a very busy, speedy road can be tiresome. Especially when spring comes and motorcycles start driving up and down in packs of ten or more. The noise! (I shook my fit as I wrote that). Currently, we have a horseshoe gravel driveway off of our main road and an undeveloped dirt path going to a quieter side road.

(Thanks google Earth!)


We have a very big problem getting into our main driveway (horseshoe) as the speed limit is so high, & there is not a turn lane to get into our driveway, that people either honk at us or slow down just enough not to slam into us, honk and then go around. We’re just going into our driveway – come on!! After battling traffic and impatient people for three years we had enough and decided we had to find another way.

Enter the undeveloped path.

We can access this path from a turn lane off the main road thus already making it a safer way to get to our house. We decided to enclose the horseshoe, creating a bigger lawn space in the front of our house (Yay!). This also meant we could continue to plant trees along the busy main part of the road, hopefully providing some noise canceling.

So after talking to the city, the post office and our local fire department we got the go ahead to use that undeveloped path as a primary driveway and close in our horseshoe. We started by leveling out the path (it needed A LOT of work) and making it big enough (& safe enough) to put a car through. This required some machinery and the cutting down of trees.



Once that was accomplished we had gravel put down from the start of the path all the way to our driveway and built out a space to park as well as built extra parking in that area. The gravel was pretty soft so we ended up renting a compactor to really make sure it was packed in and solid.



What a difference! So now you can see we will pull directly up to the house, rather than from the side. We really like the idea of sitting on the front porch and looking straight out, having that be the front lawn.

We also made a little drop off point directly in front of the house. So if its raining or grandma comes to town it’ll be easier to get everything (& everyone) inside.


As for the horseshoe driveway, we are going to build a berm over time and eventually it will become a part of the landscape.


We also have to figure out what we are going to do with the middle here, as there are massive trees and it is also a slope. So the debate is to fill it in or kind of let it be and become overgrown. We have time to think about it for now.


Living the dream.

Stay tuned!!


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