Side porch no more.

Our little side porch. We’ve spent three years enjoying beers and late nights with friends on this porch. Enjoying warm Michigan weather and being outside. I love this porch as Β a part of our house and even more as an outside space.

All that being said, side porch has seen better days.


Her roof was rotted and had to come down. So we did that.


Then we gave her some new cement (in preparation for building the four season porch) and got her all painted and updated.



Then a tree fell on her.


Poor side porch!! She couldn’t catch a break.

Today, though, she started on her road to recovery. & she looks amazing!


T & I are still in a little bit of shock. When we left for work this morning it was still a porch and now its shaping up into a brand new room. We are so excited though! I think this will really bring the house together. We will be adding sliding barn doors to connect the dining room to the four season.

& for those friends wondering, we’re creating a new “side porch” between the well house and the house so don’t you worry, late nights will continue at the farmhouse!

Stay tuned.


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