Well house face lift (garden bed #3)


I finally removed those pesky river rocks from the front of the well house and shaped out the garden bed I wanted. I’ve been meaning to do this for a couple years but you know how life goes.


There is something to be said about a clean, new flower bed. It takes time (I think all in all I have a week invested into this bed, a couple hours every day) to create everything but the end result is so worth it. I really have grown to love gardening because you really get to be creative and make it your own.


So then I set out to create a plan. I know I needed shade perennials. & that proves a hard task because many (most) gorgeous, colorful flowers don’t grow in shade. HOWEVER, there are a few that do and I researched those in depth. The bed is about 5 by 12 feet so I took that into consideration as far as what to plant (height and growth pattern) and where to plant. I wanted a three season perennial garden so I would get color all year and I had to make sure nothing would overshadow anything else.  A difficult (but fun) task.

In the bed:

Big daddy hosta (2)

Guacamole hosta (2)

Toad lily (6)

Columbine (my new favorite shade perennial – peach and red ) (6)

Bleeding heart (white) (2)

Astilbe (pink) (4)

Bergenia (‘sakura’, pink – google it, it’s GORGEOUS) (4)

I set up everything where it would be planted. This is something I do every time and I think it’s such an important step. You can map everything out based on how big it’s going to grow and you can really see if you need to fill in anywhere. I really did well this time and had exactly what I needed and everything fit! So exciting.




I know it looks so sparse (& believe me, that drives me nuts. I want everything full and blooming and beautiful NOW)  but I have to be patient and let it fill in for a few seasons. Everything was laid out and placed exactly where it is based on growing and filling.

I started mulching last night as well but ran out of mulch right near the end. So close! I will finish the job tonight. Happy to see where this bed goes and the colors and flowers it produces. Now I just have to figure out my rose bed!


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