Flower power!

I’m currently grumpy about my roses because they are growing slowwwwww and I want them big and tall so I can start planting perennials around them. I dont want to build that bed year after year, but I also dont want to plant flowers or plants that are going to grow over the roses. They are roses after all. I want to see them! SO I need them to start growing a little more. I know, I know, it’s only April. I KNOW.

The photo below is my current rose bed. There are four plants. You cant even see them! Im being impatient. I’ve read it takes time. I’m pulling a Veruca Salt though and I WANT IT NOW. I digress.


While I remain grumpy about my roses I refocused my attention on my front flower beds.


After laying the pavers I concentrated on the left side bed. It’s much smaller and easier to plan out than the right. The right side has hosta coming in and if you go around to the end there are many perennials coming through so I have to wait out to see what comes back and how big.

Sidenote: My bleeding heart plant, that we pulled out last year because we thought it died, isΒ back from the dead and has tons of blooms! Unfortunately it is creeping right into my hydrangea. So once Fall hits the bleeding heart probably will be moved as my hydrangea is pretty set and rooted and obviously bleeding hearts dont die soΒ it’s finding a new home.

Anyway – back to the left side.

I chose to do perennials in the back two rows and annuals in the front. I can handle annuals in a small space but didnt want to do the entire bed year after year. It’s a lot of work (& money!). Not to mention I have to buy mostly all shade or a mix of sun and shade plants so once I find a perennial that wont die, it goes in. I got lucky and was able to find good options that provided color! So many shade plants are just that, plants. I really try to find blooms if I can.

Back row, columbine; second row, meadow sage; third row, salvia (LOVE that color!; front row, verbana.


Love love love it! The second row of pavers help so much.

Finished project with cedar mulch:


I also bought 4 new pots and planted flowers in those. I cant get enough of flowers. I love the color and it just puts me in a better mood. Potting them took what felt like forever but I think after all the garden stuff over the weekend I was a little burnt out. Either way it got done and my new steps are adorned in pretties!


Now onto the left side *shudders*. It just seems like SO MUCH SPACE to fill. LIke I stated above, Im going to wait for things to fill in and go from there. I’ve researched a ton and have an idea what I want to plant and where. Definitely more meadow sage and columbine so that the sides have a feel of symetry.

In the meantime our dogs will continue to use it as a napping spot.



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