Side porch roof removel!

Look at our sideporch circa 1950’s. Isn’t it the cutest?


I am always amazed by the lack of trees. Now we have an entire canopy. The tree next to the chimney has since died, but is flourishing in the photo. The two arborvitaes are gone now, only the stumps remain (which I cannot for the life of me get out of the ground by the way). The front porch is now open, and will remain open, and the side porch is enclosed in screen. That brings me to our current project, building our four season porch.

Our house is about 1200 sq. feet. This size works great for us when we can be sitting or working outdoors. However once Winter hits the house can feel very small when you are spending months indoors. It will be nice to have another room and really be able to open the space up. I will miss that as our Summer hang out space but thats going to be moved to the other side, away from the traffic which we think will be nice.

It was a slow start but we got the entire roof removed over the weekend.




We did not anticipate how much wood would actually come from that roof. We managed to fill an entire trailer on this tear down.



Here’s me trying to knock over the last piece of the roof. Spoiler alert, I couldn’t.


Enter strong husband and TA DA!! Roof is down.


So strange. We now will start building out the porch, starting with the roof line. The columns are staying and will still be a part of the porch. We couldn’t imagine them not being there so fingers crossed it will all work together. One day at a time! This is totally going to transform our home and we can’t wait to see it all finished.

Stay tuned!


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