New porch slabs (part 1)

Today we are replacing our side porch slabs and getting a new sidewalk poured from our front porch. The end goal is to close in our side porch and make it into a four-season and this is the first step, even ground!


The hole in our roof is getting bigger. T has been working on it for days. There are layers upon layers of roofing and its REAL HARD to remove.


Tear up has begun!!! (the towels are preventing a massive amount of dust from coming into the house. We know we will have some, but obviously the less the better).


Removing this cement in the front is bittersweet for me because my wagon wheels are being removed *cries*. But don’t worry, I gave strict instructions this morning not to take them away. I will find something to do with them!


Me snapping pics through the door while they investigate how to remove those wheels….

One last look at our porch…


I told them not to mess with my hostas! lol just kidding. but it’d be nice not to have to replant everything.

Stay tuned for the update!!


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