Casper (Cal-King) mattress review

Wooooo boy upgrading to a California King was scary. One of my very good friends has a bed that size and I used to give him a lot of grief. It’s a huge bed! Why do you need a bed that big!? However, after living in this bed for over three months, I couldn’t imagine having any other size bed now. It’s amazing! I get it! The hype is real! All the room in the world. You can’t feel when the other person is moving and the dogs barely kick me now. It’s pretty amazing.

We liked it so much we even got Roxy her own Casper dog bed for Christmas. She is tremendously spoiled but she’s happy, so we’re happy.


We chose a Casper mattress in large part because we heard their ad on Sirius radio pretty regularly but also the reviews were very good AND it was affordable, especially for the size. Getting it to our house was super easy as well as it showed up in a box that looked like you could fit a tent in. A BIG tent, but my point is this isn’tΒ your normal mattress situation where you’re getting into a screaming match trying to fit it up your stairs. You just bring the box up.


From there you simply open the box, take the mattress out of the Casper box inside, cut off the shrink wrap and that baby just starts expanding. We waited until it was at about 40% and then put it up on the bed. We figured less struggle later. It also couldn’t have completely unfolded in the small space on our floor.



There was no smell when it opened and it was ready to test in minutes. Roxy jumped right up and fell asleep, go figure. I think it does need to be said, this bed is SOFT. If you like a firmer mattress or a hard mattress, this probably won’t work for your taste. We like feeling like we’re on a cloud so for us it works out wonderfully.

I cannot say enough good things about this mattress. My husband says his back pain has almost all went away and I know I finally am sleeping through the night because the movement of the mattress is so minimal. If you need a new mattress, I highly HIGHLY recommend a Casper mattress. You won’t be disappointed.

If you have any questions – please ask! I will be happy to help as much as I can.


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