New (massive) bed

We are that couple that let our dogs (a 90-pound pit mix and a 6-pound chihuahua) AND a cat (a 15-pound beast!) sleep in bed with us. Something about their cute little faces cuddling in bed and keeping us warm. How can you say no!

Case in point:


Look at that baby face! Do you think I’m going to mess with her slumber?!

That being said it is WAY TOO MUCH to have them all in bed, even though we love it and can’t tell them no. After years of fighting for blankets and not getting any sleep, we decided to take the plunge and upgrade to a California King bed. & maybe now we can get another dog since there’s all this room?! I kid.

We found a guy locally who built bed frames. He also stained it the color of most of the wood in our house which was awesome. We ordered it and picked it up about a month later from his work garage. It was all put together when we picked it up and then we disassembled to get it all in the truck. So excited! Isn’t it pretty?

Almost takes up our entire bedroom but IT’S WORTH IT.


We bought a new Casper mattress for our bed. I will do a separate post on that since it’s deserving, especially if you are thinking of getting a new mattress! We’ve slept on it for a couple months now and its been pretty great. Casper post coming soon!



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