The FINISHED laundry room (Part 2)

Oh hi two months after the laundry rooms been done.

Again, sorry.

So our pretty tile floor went in (it was all grouted after being laid):


Popped in the washer and dryer (that was a feat in itself. One, getting it through the doors. Two, getting one on top of the other. See how much room is there? A SLIVER).

We then had Closet Concepts come in again (they gave us built-ins in our spare room upstairs) and create shelving, along with a pole on the far left to hang shirts or anything that can’t be thrown in the dryer.


We didn’t like any of the options for a tabletop, so we bought a piece of wood, stained it ourselves and installed that baby as our tabletop. In. Love.


It matches the aesthetic of the house and is completely functional. & we did it ourselves which is always a nice touch.




We are so happy to finally have laundry in our house. It’s been a long three years!


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