Laundry room reno (Part 1)

& here we are, the last room in our home that needed to be finished.

Oh that wonderful wood paneling!!

Before: It served as a closet for the guest room. Linoleum floor, white wood paneling.


Demo: Stripped down the walls and removed & replaced the floor, as well as some boards underneath to make sure the floor was as strong as possible.


Insulation: We have foam throughout the house and really feel its the best method of home insulation. So we went the same route for the laundry room.


Drywall: My favorite part because that’s when you know you are getting close!!!!


Now its time for paint & organization! I have looked at so many ideas, so many Pinterest boards and so many paint swatches that my brain could explode. I wanted a soft yellow and it only took me three trips to the paint store to find the right shade.

One day at a time.


We chose Weston Flax by Benjamin Moore. It is the perfect shade of yellow. & yellows are so hard to figure out when it comes to paint color & how it will look on your walls! I adore the color. Adore! Something about that country yellow that just makes me happy.

Next up is tile, built-ins (storage, cabinets, sink) on the left wall and washer dryer set up!

Woo hoo! The journey continues.



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