Lots of things happening.

*has mini meltdown*

It snowed yesterday and I literally thought to myself “oh thank God I don’t have to do any work outside today”. Yes. That’s where I’m at.

Lots of things – good things! – happening at the house. As if the holidays aren’t nuts enough, we’re adding about half a dozen projects to the mix this week.

1. We are in the process of finishing our laundry room. This is the last room in the house that needed to be updated. Now we can say, after three years, that the house is done! We have drywall being completed this week. We went and picked out tile which should be laid by Christmas *fingers crossed*. Plumber comes this week to put in some heat. Hopefully, we will have the room completely done by the New Year.

2. We are having our glass shower door installed Tuesday. We have had a curtain since we finished the bathroom. Glass door was always the plan but we had to save up the money for that. I’m so excited for it! The shower space will be bigger and I also won’t have to deal with getting a shower curtain blown into me every time I’m showering.

3. We are picking up our new bed frame on Saturday, and our new mattress for that bed is being delivered Wednesday. I have to buy all new sheets since we went big and upgraded to a California King. Is it sad that we are doing it so the dogs have more room to sleep? My Friday will be spent painting our bedroom, as we have wanted to for awhile and now is the time. I’m also hoping to paint the laundry room this weekend.

4. We bought a fridge (& washer and dryer) on Black Friday because the deal was SO GOOD. With everything else happening this week I could wait until next week to have all that delivered.

5. Since we are removing everything from the bedroom in order for me to paint, we are also going to clean the bedroom carpet. It’s been awhile & we might as well get it done while we have the room up there.

Add to that a bunch of little things we have to do (including getting a Christmas tree and our holiday photo), along with two Christmas parties this week and I am ready for a nap. I’m also working every day for the next two weeks so if anyone sees me out and about this week, have that wine ready for December 16th! I’ll need it!


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