Fall harvest. Also, I’m not dead.

So let’s just agree to make this a quarterly thing where I check in and say “OMG you guys I am so sorry I haven’t posted in so long” because seriously you guys, I’m so sorry I haven’t posted in so long.

I always think I have to put up this long winded, look-at-this-new-project post and then when we aren’t focused on one main project I just put nothing. & let’s be honest, there is always something happening here. I mean hello! I actually grew food this year!

Remember that garden I planted in pots? Well, that worked out. Some things grew bigger and better than the others (lettuce, jalapeno, tomatoes) but all in all it was a wonderful learning experience and I look forward to doing it bigger and better next year.

If you follow The Little Island Farmhouse on Instagram or Facebook (and if you don’t, go right ahead and do that) then you saw the photos but for those of you who do not (again, go ahead. The buttons are to the right.) here are the photos.

& may I just say that food grown yourself is really the best tasting food!







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