Container garden: Potatoes in a pot!

I am desperate for a garden. Seriously. I want to grow my own food so bad. Here at the little island farmhouse we don’t, as most of you know, get a lot of sun. However! I have found a pocket of sun near our garage that gets at least six hours. & the area down by our fire pit gets probably eight hours. So how can I have a garden in two spots? Easy. Plant everything in containers. Yes. Containers. It can be done. & I will do it!

I currently have planted cucumber, cauliflower, bell peppers, jalapenos, lettuce and tomato. These are doing well and growing! A total win for me.

For my bigger containers I have planted beets, carrots and potatoes. Just fill pot with dirt almost to the brim (leave room for roots), drop your seeds and layer about an inch of dirt on top. Water. Done. Planting is really so easy!!


The easiest of them all? Potatoes.

I’m going to show you how potatoes are planted because I ended up learning that they grow up. I did not know this! See? Learning things all the time. Because of this they really are so easy to plant. Like, you can do this in five minutes easy. OK maybe ten minutes.


What you need:

1 container. I used a large planter but anything that is at least 15 inches deep will do. A 5 pound bucket is also a great choice. Yup.Β You can use a bucket to grow potatoes.

2 seed potatoes (or more depending how much you are planting. I wasn’t going to go too big my first time out)

2 bags of potting soil for vegetables

1 knife to cut your seed potato

gardening gloves (unless you want those hands dirty!)


What you do:

  1. Drill holes in the bottom of your container. This is important! There needs to be drainage since you will be watering these every single day.


2. Fill container with roughly 4-6 inches of potting soil.


3. Take your seed potato and cut in in half. You want to have at least one eye on the piece you are planting.


4. Put the potato pieces, I had room for four, eye up in the container.


5. Cover with 3-4 inches of soil and firm down. You’re done!

Then you can add it to the rest of your wonderful containers and wait for the food to grow!

The growing process:

Once the leaves grow to about six inches you will add another 2-3 inches of soil to the container. Repeat this process until the soil reaches the top.

When the plants start to flower you will then know some taters are being created! Keep watering!! At this point water is even more crucial! When the plant starts to yellow you can stop watering as the potatoes should be ready.

Now you can harvest those babies!



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