Happy Memorial Day! I love three day weekends. One, today was absolutely gorgeous and we got to spend some hours at the beach. It wasn’t busy at all.


Just kidding it was probably the busiest I have ever seen it. People everywhere. We had the whole “Everyone is up north so it will probably be pretty quiet” theory. Obviously everyone else had that same theory and they all went to the beach. The people watching was on point though. & the water was 65 degrees. Lake Michigan for the win!

Two, I get an extra day for outside projects! Even though the sun had me tired out I still wanted to get some landscaping done out front. So I went to Menard’s where I already spend way too much time and got myself some pavers. I had to buy the type that curved easily since the flower beds (& the land) slopes pretty good.


I had to do math (ugh) and figured out I needed 110 of these babies for the entire flower bed. Luckily for me they were on sale and I could drive the truck right up to load them.

Once I got them home I retrenched and got everything prepared to lay these babies. When I realized how truly uneven the area was time moved the slowest it ever has and this whole process started taking forever.

Side note: I did not weed or de-leaf the beds. I am doing that after everything is down, so I can assess what holes need to be filled, etc.


but eventually I was able to, stone by stone, start putting these down. It was pretty meticulous and took FOR-EV-ER but the right side started moving pretty smoothly.



I knew I wasn’t going to finish the right side tonight so for the sake of wanting to feel like I completed something I started on the left. I had a better grip of what I was doing so in about an hour and a half I was finished.




Yessss I’m SO HAPPY that is done. After all the pavers are laid I have to weed everything on the inside, plant more flowers (since the beds are bigger) and mulch everything. To be honest I’m happy these beds are larger than I anticipated because I get to plant more flowers. & having color and pretty things to look at makes me happy. but I also just love flowers.

Let me say too how easy this is to do. If you want to add something different to your landscape this really is a simple way to do it that doesn’t take a lot of time.

Only 50 more to go.




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