The day flowers took over my life

I have become just a little bit obsessed with gardening and landscaping.

Look at this gorgeous dahlia. How can I say no? HOW.


I wake up and gaze around the yard while I drink my morning tea. I think “What can I plant there that won’t die?”. I google it at work on my breaks. I go to stores after work and browse flowers. I Pinterest after dinner. It’s become a (wonderful) problem.

For me, there’s something about doing all these projects myself and creating such a beautiful space. It’s so rewarding and I find a lot of peace in doing it. It really lets my creativity run rampant and I think that’s why I’ve been enjoying it so much.

The latest and greatest is our raised flower bed we put in Sunday. The goal was and is roses and tonight I made that goal happen.

I bought rose bush roots and planted them. They were super easy to plant. Just unroll from the paper and put it in a hole. Easy peasy.




Then I took a step back, admired them and realized I needed to remove them.

You read that right. I hated them. I couldn’t wait for them to bloom. That thing called patience? Not going to happen with the roses. So I dug them all up. Yes. I did. I know. I’m the worst.

I went & bought four (blooming) rose bushes. They are beautiful and lush and amazing and I am obsessed with them. So I planted them in the rose roots place. 100% worth it. Two trips to Lowe’s today but I’m totally happy with my decision. My decision to be difficult and impatient.


Omg they are so gorgeous.


Oh also while I was getting these I couldn’t help myself and bought two peony bushes (planted them between the roses) and a host of other flowers to fill up this bed.


I cant stop myself!! I cant! I’m having too much fun. & really, who am I hurting? My house and the surrounding property looks gorgeous and springy and ready for summer. I love filling the spaces with flowers. After the bed is done I’m moving onto the front of the well house. That means more river rock. Super.

Goals, right?





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