DIY raised planter box

I beat the river rock.

& I feel good about it. My back doesn’t. but my ego does.


Are there still rocks in there? Yes. Will there always be rocks in there & never enough time in the day for me to remove them? Yes. Lucky for me (& the rocks) I have built out enough of this bed and pulled out enough boulders along the way that some rocks are permitted to stay because I have room.

We decided we were going to use old railroad ties as the border. Then when we were looking at the old ties, they were kind of a mess. & the sizes didn’t work for what we needed. We weren’t up to the task of hauling these ties but then also having to cut them all.


They are beautiful and we were sad but we opted for something more practical.


I know. Borrrrriiinnnng. but sometimes (this time) being practical wins.

Look at me. Doing things.


Hey we hauled 15 beams. I had to help with at least two.

Once we got everything home the hardest part was leveling the ground and setting up the base. This took a. long. time. Eventually we settled on knowing it was never going to be perfect and just started using the catchphrase “it’s character!” to make us feel better about not-so-level areas.


Once we started getting the hang of this stacking thing, time flew. Before I knew it we had a box built.


We went and bought brackets to secure everything together and then filled it with one yard of dirt (couldn’t fit two in the truck, we’ll go back this week).

In loooooooove


With all the brackets in place we pulled the truck up & started hauling dirt. Lots and lots and LOTS of dirt. Like, change into work out clothes because you’re going to work your butt off for the next hour lots of dirt.



SO sweaty. SO time consuming. but putting in the dirt signaled that the project was close to being done. So shovel we did. Until all the dirt in the bed of that truck was gone and the first layer was complete. I’m so psyched about it!!!


I cant wait to plant in here. We have to add another layer of dirt and then those climbing roses are going in! I also cant wait to plant some flowers that love the sun. Its been a long time.

So many fun projects were completed this weekend – progress and process!! I love it. Looking so forward to this nice weather, being outside and getting more things done in the upcoming months.

If you want to know the complete details (materials, instructions) on how to complete this planter box feel free to shoot me a message or leave a comment and I’d be happy to divulge the details.


2 thoughts on “DIY raised planter box

    1. Thank you so much! I love it and hope to keep some perennials alive in there for awhile *fingers crossed* =)


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