Coming up roses

I’m going to be honest. Roses intimidate me. They are so beautiful and come in the most stunning colors. They are winners of awards and fawned over by hobbyists and professional rose growers. They drape over fences, climb walls and create a gorgeous cluster of flowers that anyone can appreciate.

That being said I’ve always thought they were very hard to grow and maintain. Not sure why I had this opinion, maybe because growing up we had a neighbor who grew roses and it seemed to be the most time-consuming and intricate project year round. The watering and cutting and covering and cutting and fertilizing and cutting and watering. I guess I just figured with that much work there was a 99.9% chance I’d kill any roses I tried to grow.

Then I started reading about them and learned it doesn’t have to be that hard (or that intimidating)!

Sure there are roses that require a lot of care and love and attention but there are also roses that can be planted and kind of treated like any other flower and still thrive. I made it my goal to grow roses. Even with all the shade at this house, I was going to do it and succeed at it.

So after reading for about a month I did two things. One, I found the areas on our property that have the most sun. There were two. The front entry of our horseshoe driveway and the area right in front of our garage that was being taken over by a rogue bush.

The first step was a rosebush at the front of the driveway. I bought a hardy one and planted it, with the help of Roxy.


It looks ready to bloom so hopefully the roots take & the sun shines & flowers are bountiful!!


Rose in. I realized that that area gets so much sun during the day that I will be planting another rose bush in the same vicinity.

The second step was not that easy and is currently not complete.

This is the front of our garage with the rogue bush.


You have the bush and then some overgrowth and some rocks. “Oh I’ll just cut down the bush and move the brush and rocks and BOOM, climbing roses on a trellis.”


I cut a couple branches before my husband (who is a genius) came out and said “do you want me to chainsaw that for you?” YES PLEASE.

It literally took two minutes to take this thing down. I was on minute 20 with only 15 branches out of the way.


All hail chainsaw.

Can we take a moment to appreciate how large this bush really was? This picture made me laugh. It reminded me of someone hauling Christmas trees around.


Then things got interesting. I cleaned away all the overgrowth and brush and what do I find? River rock. Everywhere. RIVER. ROCK. I have danced with this terrible landscaping before and barely survived and now I had to do it again. In order to make this bed and plant what I wanted, that rock had to be removed. So I cursed to myself & started the painstaking process of removing all the rocks AND the river rock.


I feel like I didn’t even scratch the surface and I spent nearly three hours filling this wheelbarrow with rock and dumping the rock. Three hours!! Oh how I hate you river rock.


I had to stop today because my back wasn’t going to have any more of it. I was hoping to get it all done because I want to plant my climbing roses damn it!!

Tomorrow is a new day & hopefully I can tame this beast by the end of it.




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