Spring is here

Planting flowers and re-decorating our landscapes around the property has become something I have really come to enjoy. After a long winter indoors being outdoors again is a treat! I wasn’t able to do much the past couple of weekends so starting this week I am making sure to once again start the process of planting annuals and perennials in the front of our house.

As usual, I went and bought everything that was “pretty”.


I have to really make sure I buy majority shade plants. Two years ago I tried to be a hero and bought all these beautiful flowers that were full sun and within two weeks they were all dead. It broke my heart but it is what it is. I have now embraced the shade flower lifestyle and have adapted accordingly!

So if you are remembering last year I planted a ton of hosta, astilbe and foxglove around the bed. I wanted to plant enough perennials that I was not replanting flowers every single year. Again, I love doing it but it’s backbreaking work. The hosta came back in full force and the astilbe and foxglove are coming up nicely.

PicMonkey Collage.jpg

PicMonkey Collage2.jpg

I also planted three hydrangeas. One is doing wonderfully and the other two just went ahead and died. The two photos above you can see the brown branches of the dead hydrangea. Not sure why they died but they will be replaced this Spring.


& because I couldn’t help myself I went to the store to pick up “a few things” and ended up with a new hydrangea, four climbing roses, a rose bush and 12 more shade annuals to plant. I can’t help myself!!

Now I have to clean up the bed and redefine the landscape. Hopefully, everything can be in the ground and thriving by this weekend. Let the games begin.


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