Came home to a lot of debris – a good sign!!
We knew the bathroom wasn’t done at this point but we didn’t know HOW much was completed either. So it was time to go check it out in person.
I saw walls and was like “yesssssss!”
& we have a toilet! Honestly we saw this and were both like “wait, did we want a toilet on a box? WAIT.” but it turns out its our old toilet & its just temporary so the floor could get done and everything else as well. Phew.
Shower all set up to be tiled. Look at that niche!




I saw the wood over the floor and peeked. Tile! So exciting.
At this point, we were told if we could have the room painted by Monday they could start the tiling and finishing up.


We wanted to start immediately. We had to pick out a color first. Why is picking out colors so hard? Seriously. So hard. I think we were at ACE hardware staring at colors, ripping swatches, comparing finishes and saying “this one – wait – no this one” for 45 minutes.
We finally settled on Nimbus grey from Benjamin Moore. I was not entirely sold on it. Im a lighter paint color person. but hubby convinced me that with all the white in the room we had to offset it to avoid the sterility of a very white room. He’s usually right (I’ll admit it) so Nimbus grey it was.
It may look a little dark in the photos but its actually a really nice color. I think once the tile is in and all the white is popping off it will look fantastic.
Up next: Tile! Tile! Tile!

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