After nearly a year of saving and scrimping and planning, the bathroom remodel is set to begin.

We had kind of started it a year ago, half demoing it and then just having to live with it because we ran out of funds. So I apologize for the photos. However if you have ever lived in a remodel house – you know how it is!

I cant even describe how I feel. This is the last BIG piece of our house to get done. & once that is finished we can officially say our entire home remodel is done. 
Lets put things into perspective. These are photos of the bathroom the day before we left and the day of bathroom demo.

I know, real classy. 

Functional, but outdated (& pretty ugly). 
We set our bathroom to be remodeled while we were to visit family in Florida. This worked great for two reasons. One, we only have one bathroom. Two, I couldnt come home every day in a ball of stress watching things get done and just being like “HURRY HURRY HURRY I HAVE TO PEE!”. 
So the demo began the day before we left. My husband did as much as he could without compromising plumbing or wall structure. 
Bye bye shower. 
So much wallpaper and wood. 
Bye bye shower wall. 

& that’s that. 

The wall you are looking through is in the closet that is in the guest room. 
We had to gut that too. 


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