Wellhouse love.

I adore – ADORE – our well house. I think this outbuilding is why we bought the house. 

Look at it! Ahhh. It’s so cute. It’s the cutest piece of construction on our property and it should be honored. So that’s what we are doing. 
Up until recently it’s been housing various construction parts. Wood, shingles, junk. I really have been wanting to clean out the entire space and start working with it. So we had to start with moving all the inside stuff elsewhere. 

See all those cobwebs? It’s been awhile. 
We pulled up the truck and the gator and got to work hauling everything out.

We even attempted to go up into the top level of the well house, which neither of us has ever done. & when I say attempt I mean we went up a few steps on the ladder and barely looked into the space before being 100% sure bats or spiders were about to attack & jumping down. 
 I’m not really freaked out by bats but I’m not about to go up into uncharted territory where there’s probably a million mice and cobwebs AND possibly bats. That’s what my brave friends are for (sidenote: brave friends, I need one of you to go up there).
After a couple trips of hauling, the well house was looking good.

So exciting! As I said, I really do love this building & I’m so happy its actually a sound structure with so much potential. I cannot wait to start throwing around some ideas for what we can do in here. 
Of course just when I say “Come on, there’s no bats in here. All good!” This:

Rough photo but that brown blob clinging to the brick is, of course, a bat. We took out the sink, thus removing his hiding spot. I came back a little later to remove him and he had already found a new spot. Do we know if he’s in there still? No. Have we found him? No. 
& even though hubby said he was “kind of cute”, he’s definitely not going into the well house while furry friend is hiding somewhere. Guaranteed. 

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