New closet part two: NEW CLOSET!

First & foremost, the guys found a really cool (kind of gross) skull on the property. Look at how intact it is! We came to figure out that it is most likely a raccoon skull. It’s on display on our porch. Even though it took me about 2 minutes to actually set it on my hand, I love finding things like this!

OK onto the new room. The day has arrived and we are beyond happy with the new space. We have so much more room & so much more organization. I just love it. We can’t wait to get everything back to its new home. It’s been so long since we’ve had a completed project here at the house we forgot how fun it is to really see the before and after.

             The new!

My vanity still needs to go against the wall but for now we’ve started to put our things away. & getting rid of even more. This project was a great way for us to really go through all our clothing and get rid of what we DIDNT need. Goodwill has a lot of bags coming. 

Onto the next one.


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