New closet for me! Ahem, US. Part 1: The clean out.

So upstairs in the house we have two rooms. One is our master bedroom. The other is probably supposed to be the spare. Since we have the spare bedroom downstairs, we (me) decided that the extra room would be a wonderful closet. An entire room that’s a CLOSET?! Yes please.

Well, once all my stuff was in there (two dressers, two shoe racks, a garment rack, an armoire and a vanity) my husband wasn’t really left with much room. He was nice enough to put his things in the spare room closet downstairs for what I promised would be a short amount of time. Its been a year.

Recently we have been seriously discussing finally tackling our bathroom remodel. Without going into excessive detail, the tub in our bathroom is connected to the wall that, on the other side, houses all of my husbands clothes. In order to really get into the remodel, that room would be taken over, leaving him no place for any of his things but also no place to move them.

Enter spare bedroom.

I had had enough of the mess & chaos. I had stuff everywhere and nothing was really where or how I wanted it. We met with a local closet company and came up with plans to have built-ins done. The best thing about it? They could maximize space we have and really make it functional. & it was not really functional with what I had going on. Once we OK’d all the details and set the date, it was time to clean out my closet. Literally.

“Oh, this will be easy,” I thought. “The rooms so small”.


Once you start moving things? Good. Lord. I could open a clothing store.

Here’s the left side of the room before. Believe it or not, I had already gotten rid of a box of shoes and moved one dresser and a garment rack out. Im not including a pic of the right wall because its empty:

SO slowly (SLOWWWWWLYYYY) I moved every drawer, shoe box, dresser, vanity, etc. out of the room. Our bedroom became the storage area and resembled a hoarders room. You can’t see the floor, but you can see the little paths leading to where you need to get to (the bed). 
I think three pictures are enough for you to get the gist of how much STUFF there is.
The bedroom. 
No joke every corner is taken over. 
Fortunately, this will only last two days.
Empty room! Ta-da! 
I’m really surprised how large the room is when it’s not filled to the brim. I can’t wait to have a new system in here. Everyone who knows me knows I really love having everything in order so this is like my OCD dream coming true.  


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