The Well House: Part two

Remember when I took up all the river rock from the front of the house & I was like “I am never going to do this again ever ever everrrrrrr”? Well, I’m doing it again.

The lesson I have learned is that you can’t look it at and say “Oh I can get this done in a few hours”. I know now that this is a more-than-one-day project. A little bit at a time. 
So first the little fence came down. 
Then the huge rock removal. 
& after some weeding (not sure why I even bothered), I started removing rocks.

This is how far I got.
I feel like that’s pretty good. Oh, also I discovered there are three layers of rocks. *dies*
Roxy supervised. 
I’ll remove more tomorrow. Day by day. 
In the meantime here’s a photo of some pretty flowers growing behind the well house.

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