Taming the overgrowth brush hog style.

To say our property was overgrown would be an understatement. There are weeds and grass everywhere. The worst was over on the hillside, behind the well house. This area gets the most sun and since we’ve had a ton of rain lately the conditions to grow were perfect. Some weeds were almost six feet high. To tackle this, we rented a brush hog for a day. Its pretty much a glorified lawnmower but it will take down EVERYTHING in its path.

So here is the hillside before:


Oh you don’t know what you’re looking at? Yea that’s because everything is covered in weeds. You can’t see anything. The first photo is looking down towards the fire pit. but you can’t see that because of the crazy weeds growing a million feet tall.
Starting the teardown!




So awesome to see the firepit in view again. & knowing I won’t lose Maggie in the grass.





Such an incredible difference! Once you cut everything down it is just there, on the ground. & there it will stay. We are a little concerned with the erosion of the hill so anything we can keep on the hill is a good idea.
Bonfire ready!!!

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