Part two: Since I have a green thumb….

OK so a week ago I came home from work & stared at this for a good 20 minutes.

We were going out of town for a wedding to go to the following day. So I could either plant them that night or do it when we got back late Sunday. It was kind of raining. & I was tired. but lets be honest I knew I wouldnt come home Sunday & do it. I also didnt want them sitting out too long. So I got started.






I took a couple hours but I managed to plant everything as the soon was going down. I cannot wait for everything to grow in and expand. It’s going to be fun to add & move things.

Onto the real fun part: mulching.

OK so here’s what went down. I went to the store where I got the mulch I used for the front. I find out they dont have that mulch anymore. Super. Great. They have similar cedar mulch but it is very light. I bought four bags but once I got home I realized there was no way I could mulch with two different colors. My OCD would not have it. So I went back to the store on Saturday to return the ugly mulch & they had my mulch! Hurray! I bought 6 bags. I thought it was overkill but ended up using 4.5 just for this second planting. Mulch doesn’t really go a long way. & it’s a big space anyway.

OH I also realized that the lense on my camera was horrifically dirty, so now the pictures will be 120% better because its been cleaned. No more weird bright glow looking pictures.

Halfway done. Seriously this is 2.5 bags in. but it looks so good & I love it!
Yeah!! Full circle!!


One more project to check off the list.
Now onto the wellhouse…..

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