The Well House: Part One

The well house is my favorite place ever. EVER. Look at it. It’s beautiful.

& it’s small & adorable. but also kind of creepy & weird. Can’t you just see yourself living inside it & reading books and drinking tea & being artsy and cool? because I can. My long term plan is to make it this neat space. Inside & out. So Im starting with the outside.

First things first – rip all the ivy down. Did that in the fall. So one thing done.

Secondly I had to rip out all the overgrowth of ivy and weeds and other stuff that was under the side window. This was a lot harder than I thought it was going to be.

(sorry we’re going back to the hazy pictures)

It just looks like nothing right? Like a little patch of weeds that you can take down in 10 seconds. No. Its all tangled with everything else. It was a nightmare. I would pull and nothing would happen. I tried to dig around it. I tried to cut it. It literally took over an hour to clear it. Nightmare.


There were some holes to fill, probably from animals. So I tilled up a bunch of dirt and kind of made the space make a little more sense.

Part one done.Β 

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