Since I have a green thumb….

I have officially become obsessed with landscaping. Once I got the front done it became this landslide of “where else can I plant stuff?”. I absolutely love it! It’s all about personal preference you can get so creative which I really love. 
It also adds so much to the property. The difference is amazing. 
Recap of the last job (seriously we need grass on the right!): 

On Memorial Day, I widened the bed from the front right to the side of the house, reaching the side porch wall. It was actually the husband’s idea & I’m not mad about it. It’s a great space.

BEFORE (it does look strange how the bed just ends):

AFTER (I really like the idea of sweeping it around):

Now to get all the items to plant. The problem (or challenge I should say) is that we are SO shaded. I mean, I really wish you all could see it. You are driving to the house & it is 70 & sunny and then you pull into the drive and all of a sudden the sun has gone down – it’s dark! We have a lot of tree cover which I do love, but I also love the sunshine! I have been googling and searching and talking to everyone I know about shade flowers/plants, preferably perennials. I don’t mind putting in some impatiens or begonias every year but as for the bigger plants, Id love for those to come back. 
So we went to Countryside Greenhouse. I have never been & it was like Christmas. I loaded up on various hosta, astilbe, foxglove (biennial, but we will see what happens) and hydrangea. I really wanted to find bleeding heart but that was a no-go for this trip.

Luckily my car was cleaned out previous to this trip because we packed it in.

Now the hard part – where will this all go.
I have to make sure the foxglove is in the back. It can grow so incredibly tall and I dont want it to overshadow the astilbe or even the hosta. I lined everything up to kind of have an idea where it would be planted. I still have to move some things but its a general outline. 

I ran out of daylight so this afternoon & tonight I will plant everything (fingers crossed) – stay tuned!


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