Landscaping the front – FINALLY!!

I woke up to this on Sunday morning. How pretty is it? I just love living here. 

With Spring in full swing, the outdoor space is really coming along. There is, however, one space that I have been meaning to get to for a long time. & today was the day. 
My front porch project.
So when we left off I had moved all of the rocks and basically only dirt was left. Today was the day I got tired of dirt & decided to finish the job. My mother in law gave me a generous portion of her hosta’s and since I wanted color but needed a shade flower, I bought a smattering of impatiens from the local greenhouse.

 As a reminder, this is where the area was at:

I framed out my border and started tilling the dirt. This was the easy part.

Now onto planting.

You can really tell the difference between the nice right grass side and the left side with all dirt. Hopefully we can have grass down there soon!

Roxy, as always, was a huge help.

& add some pretty flowers….

Coming together!

& the mulch…

Complete!! This was a time consuming six-hour project but so worth it.

Seriously though, grass is next.

We also had a beautiful hummingbird hanging around on Saturday so I put in a feeder for him. I have named him Dennis. He is loving the feeder! I am loving having a hummingbird.

Next landscaping will be in front of the well house and the bed in front of the garage.

Im really having a good time making the outdoor space pretty. Spring is here!! 


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