Baby trees on the border.

While we have many many trees here at the farmhouse we dont have many near the road. & because of this sometimes the noise – especially the 5 o’clock traffic – can get pretty loud and insane. Although we know we will always have road noise due to where we are located we want to do what we can do minimize it as much as possible. 
Enter our baby trees!
We got nine trees from Holland, about 30 minutes away. They are thuja evergreens, or green giant evergreens. They should grow 2-3 feet per year. We bought these because they were fast growing but also because they are great as a living privacy fence. 

We planted them in a line along the road, careful to leave enough room for growth but not too far apart where there will be holes. 
Im excited for these trees. Im excited not only to have some privacy but to also be able to look at these trees in 20 years and know that we planted them together. 
& that’s pretty cool. 

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