The grass is always greener.

We have had muddy surroundings for quite some time (months upon months). Because we have so much tree cover here at the farmhouse, we didnt know how easy or hard it would be to grow grass. We knew we wanted grass – it’s prettier than mud! but would it grow with all the shade?

Once Winter was finally over (close enough) and none of the big trees had leaves, we went about to attempt to grow some grass. We started with a small area. Grass seed doesnt come cheap and we didnt want to dump it everywhere and have nothing happen i.e. throwing money away. So we set up the little area to the left of our porch.

Troy tilled up the area, which took a considerable amount of time. Then as much grass seed as we could put down went down, and hay was laid over the top to protect the seed. We watered the heck out of it and the waiting began.
A couple weeks later – voila!!

This was so incredibly exciting. Seriously. Grass!! With that happening and happening well, we decided to start another patch in front of the well house. This time our friend came over with his neighbors gas powered tiller and the ground was ready for seed in no time at all.

The space:


Fast forward and…..

Grass is the best. Really.
We’ve since had all the foliage grow in but the grass is growing and going strong. There are a few spots that we have to put more seed down on but we’re on our way. The next step is to start a patch to the right of the pathway. It will be nice to tie a couple areas together.Β 
Grass!!! Cozy, green, gorgeous grass!!
I love it and I just want to lay in it & take a nap.


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