The barn garden. Maybe.

As all of you know by now, we have a ton of trees. & a ton of trees means a ton of shade. and a ton of shade means not a lot of sun. & not a lot of sun means I cant grow much of anything as far as flowers and food goes. That being said there’s a spot behind the barn that is terribly overgrown but I thought, pending cutting down some branches/overgrowth, could be a nice spot to just see what happens.

and so it began.
Here is whats behind our lovely barn.
First things first. Cut down all the stray branches, roots, ivy, etc. 
Then the fun part – raking years of leaves. 
I dumped the leaves down in the valley. Which at first was a good idea, until I took the first trip. & then I realized it was awful because hauling huge piles of leaves 200 feet was tiresome. but, it had to be done. & I pressed on.
Halfway done! 

Fast forward another hour – no leaves, cut out all the brush/roots. Clean slate. 

Break time. 

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