The barn garden. Maybe. Part 2.

So where did we leave off. I cut down all the brush & branches I could, raked and hauled the leaves away and cleaned up the area. At one point there was a cement enclosure around the whole area. Over time I think the roots of the trees started growing so deep they basically demolished the concrete, which is why the entire space is kind of a shell. but hey, its a space. I’ll take it.

So I cut down the rest of what I could with my cutters. I started feeling bad when I realized they were all maples. I could have had some good syrup in a couple years when those babies grew!

Then it was time for the chainsaw. I needed to really cut down some big branches. The goal is that we could take own the overgrowth above our heads and hopefully get more sun back there. 
Once all those came down as well as all the weeds and overgrowth, the big job was done.  (you can see in the second photo how much the trees have pushed the concrete). I now had a huge area to work with. but I decided to start small. 

My big first garden item? POTATOES! 

 I dug a square space and threw those babies in. 

A little fence to keep any critters (& my curious dogs) out. 

I haven’t planted anything else down there as of yet. Ive been watching the sun, especially since the leaves have grown in. Im not sure how many trees I want to cut down for the sake of a garden, especially because these trees keep out a lot of road noise. 
So for now we’ll see what happens with these spuds – stay tuned! 

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