Cork board wall

Today’s project – a cork board wall in our upstairs hallway. Troy actually came up with this idea – & I love it! We have so many pictures and memories we want to display but at the same time we don’t want to clutter up our downstairs living area. This cork board wall was the best of both worlds. We can put anything up there that we want AND we can take it down too, without sacrificing any space! 
Easy peasy afternoon DIY. 
So we bought the 6X4 cork board online. We had to buy adhesive, some trowels, brads and nails (to hammer in the corners once the board was up). We’ve had it laying on our dining room table for the past couple days because it came to us rolled up and we wanted it to be as flat as possible.

My sister is in town so of course we put her to work. Three people is easier then two, especially when it came to measuring the wall space and putting up the adhesive. 
First we measured the space where the board would be. We outlined the entire area so we knew exactly where to smear on the adhesive.

Then we had to make sure the cork board itself fit the space & was level. We knew once we started applying the adhesive there was no turning back so we made absolutely sure everything was right.

Now time for adhesive! We laid down a drop cloth over the carpet. There was NO WAY we were going to get anything on the carpet. 

After some last minute chat of “does it look OK?” we started applying the adhesive with the box that was penciled in. We weren’t sure of dry time so we tried to be pretty quick (but thorough).

Next (& the most scary) was to apply the board to the wall. 
This has to be done slowly but quickly. The scariest part was making sure it was level. 

Everything was even and level – tah dah!! Cork board wall!

We let it dry for a little bit & then drove some nails into the corners. We will probably have to put more nails in here and there but we’re going to wait & see how it dries. 
I love love LOVE it! Onto the next project.


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