Christmas tree hunting

Since this is our first Christmas here in the farmhouse we decided we wanted to go and cut down our own Christmas tree, for memories sake. & also because it sounded fun to cut down your own tree! 

Hard to believe that one year ago we were in our living room doing this:

How far we’ve come!! 
We went right down the road to get our tree – to Lenderink Tree Farm. 
& they had free hot chocolate WITH marshmallows!
We wandered around looking for “the tree”. It’s pretty fun looking for that perfect addition to your house, especially because every tree is SO different. Unlike fake trees, which we’ve had in the past, none of the branches all fall together or look perfect. It’s a fun little hunt for the tree you love.

& after a hike to the back of the farm, there it was! & I was determined to cut it down myself. How hard could it be? They provided you with a hand saw so I figured they had faith that you could do it yourself right?
I was done after three tries. So husband stepped in.
Took him literally five seconds (I feel like I gave him a head start) & we had our tree!
We then headed over to the “free greens” section. They actually had some trees there too, just ones that no one would want. Think Charlie Brown style. So we took one of those trees, too.
We purchased a wreath for our door, paid for our trees & we’re on our way.
First Christmas tree hunt – success!! 

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