A new kitchen & a fabulous wine rack

I was going to do this whole before & after montage but let’s just cut to it.

BEFORE (literally the day we looked at the property):

This is when we lived in it for a few months (& demo’d what we could)


The rest of the photos were taken at night so I apologize for the poor lighting.

Hey, kitchens done!!! 

We have no glass yet in the above cabinets. Those panels are being made by a friend. 
The first meal we cooked was tacos. Real creative ;))
I love being able to use a counter top!!
Hard to believe that not too long ago it was this:
How far we’ve come!!
We also have installed a saloon type door (there are two panels) at the entrance of our basement. We went back and forth with keeping it open or not, but in the end it was better to have doors there. I really love it and I don’t have to worry about our nieces falling down those stairs. 
We got to install our awesome wine rack in the dining room. 
I bought it off of Etsy. It’s reclaimed wood, which I thought fit perfectly with the house. & it holds 10 (yes, TEN) bottles of wine. So it’s really the perfect wine rack. 
Here’s the wall before (that little bar looks tiny right?):
Had to make sure the thing was level, as we were going to screw it into the wall. & once that thing is installed, it’s not coming off the wall. Measure twice drill once!
Absolutely. Love. It.

Hurray for house adventures!!!


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