Painting and putting in all the electric

As the last of the kitchen wraps up, this is when I get really antsy. It’s that whole “so close but so far away” mentality. I’m ready to put our lives back together. I’m ready to actually be able to cook. I’m ready to put everything away that is taking over our dining room table. I’m ready to be able to just clean up the space. The dust and dirt and paint that’s everywhere – I’m ready for it to be gone.

but look how cute it is? The tile has all been grouted and is finished. The faucet is in. 
I can’t wait to put plants on the ledge!!
So this weekend T and I did as much as we could in the kitchen by ourselves. Basically, we painted. We painted the entryway and the rest of the spots in the kitchen that needed to be finished. It was honestly nice because it was a couple hours spent moving forward. & sometimes thats what you need to be at peace with a home renovation that you want to be over. 

Supplies: Cut in brush. Tape. Owl mug filled with tea.
I don’t know why I bought tape. I never use tape. Ever. I love the cutting in part of painting. I go reallllllly slowwwww and honestly, I don’t mess it up hardly ever. I have the patience for it. It takes forever but it’s a weird calming thing for me. I really enjoy it. 
The spaces that need painting:

Both sides of the wall in the dining room (since the space was brought in a bit and framing was redone, as well as mudding and sanding on the wall) & also the entryway. 
It’s not that much in the kitchen. but it is all cutting in. When you have this small of an area to cover with paint, it’s so easy to screw up a line and make the entire room look terrible. & again, if you do it right, it goes really slow. but I’d rather it be done right & not have paint all over the walls. 
Finished paint job (sorry for the poor lighting):

& onto the electric! This is the part I’m ready for the most! Once you see all the plugs go in and the outlets on there’s this sigh of “we’re almost there”. Also I want to start littering the countertop with appliances and start doing the dishes in the sink.


Entryway light & over the sink pendant light
Ta-Da!! Plugs are in, lights are in. One more thing checked off the list. 

One more day down.


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