Beautiful subway tile

I think I will be quite depressed when work is all done and I don’t get to come home and get all excited to see things happening in the kitchen. I love these little surprises!!


The subway tile looks phenomenal. It really brings everything together. Big thank you to my brother in law for donating the tile he wasn’t using on his place. Huge help! 


I mean, its gorgeous. We love it. It has to be all grouted and cleaned up. Tomorrow cabinet doors and drawers will go in and Saturday the electric will be finished. 
We had old butcher block hanging out from years ago. We have always wanted to use it and the kitchen was the perfect opportunity to do so.  We had one long piece that we had to cut down to size.
Then it was sanded and finished to protect from the elements. 

Counter top area before:

Counter top area after:

So pretty! Love being able to re-use materials we already had. 
& yes, the painting has started. There will be color there, above and around the doorway, above and around the window sink and above the subway tile near the over/range hood.
So all you “the kitchen is SO WHITE” folks out there – there will be a little color! 😉

It’s coming together!!


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