Outdoor living

Things are happening on the inside of our home but also always on the outside! We always have something going on, whether it be planting bulbs for Spring, burning leaves, moving leaves, raking leaves (seriously there are a ton of leaves) we are outside quite a bit! We love working on the land because if we didn’t it would be an overgrown nightmare, clearly but also watching it transform into something we love is fun. We didn’t buy this place to sit inside. Today wasn’t an exception!

We have TONS (literally) of debris from removing our old foundation. All the cement and dirt is just in piles and today we decided, time to move some of it. 

Could we hire someone to take it away? Sure. Does that cost money? Yes. & we do not pay people to do things we can do ourselves. So the terrible terrible process of moving all that junk begins.
& as usual we always have a fire going. 
Since we constantly have leaves falling (seriously – CONSTANTLY) I started raking around the front of the house. Everything on the outskirts we can use the leaf blower on when the time comes but I’d like to keep the front cleaned up. The goal is to have grass down eventually. With all the shade around here I think weeds are going to always be more prevalent, but its worth a shot. 
All dirt & weeds under leave. It’s just a matter of getting all the stuff you can off the ground. Dragging tarps around for a couple hours. 
My piles look so piddly but they were actually pretty big and EVERYWHERE.
I decided to pull out the two tree-bushes from the front. I waited until Spring to see if they would flower and they didn’t. Then I waited until after Summer and nothing happened. They weren’t really serving a purpose so out they came. 
I have no photo because they barely showed up IN a photo since they were mostly wild branches going every which way. I will say this, it looks nice.
Also found these cool little things while tilling the front bed space. 
They were against the foundation wall, coming through the dirt, in bunches. Still not sure what they are (could be flowers) but I ended up tossing them in the woods so we will never know. Whoops.
The great debate is to tear out the wagon wheels or not. They are now just rusted pieces of metal & there isn’t any wood left on them. but I love them! They are a part of this house. I think they will be staying. 

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