The hardest decision? Paint.

 We don’t have a lot of room in the kitchen for paint. There’s just not much available wall space. I am fine with this. For me, picking paint is HARD. The less I have to worry about it, the better. We have our hood range exhaust starting to be installed. That wall will be the wall with the most color on it, paint wise.

If you have really good eyes (or zoom in if you’re on a phone) there is a line that is level with the cabinet. Below that line will be tile and/or backsplash. Above that line just a bit will also be tile and/or backsplash. The rest will be paint. 
The decision has been made. 
Full room view
I love it love it. It is a dark blue/gray. It goes with the colors in every room of our downstairs and isn’t too crazy for our taste. I think it will be nice. There will also be paint over the window (just a tiny bit where there is space) and next to the fridge area. Obviously I will share the finished product.
Im excited to see the hood range go in. It’s stainless steel and beautiful. We have the vent through the roof and installed, so it shouldn’t be long now. Let’s not forget what the outside looks like (I know, we’re living like royalty over here)!! The siding should go up soon but honestly, kitchen first please! 


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