A pretty kitchen window & a dishwasher

Today I came home to the new molding around the window and the doorway and the dishwasher in place! Already with the dishwasher there it makes such a difference as far as color goes. Let’s be real there is no color right now but it’s nice to see something other than white!

Pretty window! The hole you see in the ceiling has to be moved to the right (we moved the window to the right a little because it wasn’t in line with the sink). When alls said and done it will be a pendant light above the sink.

My lovely wood ceiling beam has been covered. Im still sad about it but again, I know its under there and it looks so much better with a clean drywall up.Β 

Doorway molding in and ready to be painted.
Dishwasher! Plumbing has to be done and electrical, but it’s there. & that’s pretty darn exciting.
One step at a time.Β 


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