Getting these cabinets in check

Oh hey! Yes, the kitchen is still happening. I’ve been awful at updating. I apologize for that.

That being said, let’s see what’s happening.

The cabinets went up and went up pretty fast. That is, the SHELL of the cabinets. I’m learning quite a lot through this whole kitchen reno process. Cabinets go up, but then they of course have to be measured to fit just right, and then molding has to go up. and shims (I think thats right) on the bottom of the cabinets where the floor isn’t level to make everything level. It’s a process! Cabinets just don’t go up and thats that. There is plenty to do in between.

So here’s where were at right now:

First & foremost, look at my gorgeous sink! I LOVE farmhouse sinks and this just is such a beautiful beautiful piece for this kitchen. So excited about it.

& onto the kitchen:

I know what you’re thinking “holy WHOA that’s super sterile and white”. Yes, yes it is. There is also no paint on the wall, no appliances, no back splash, no counter accessories (or as Troy calls it, “junk”) to add color so yes, right now it’s pretty white and bright. I also took these photos at night so with the recessed lighting (that have no covers) just BEAMING, it looks totally different than in natural daylight.Β 
One step at a time people!


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